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Shanghai Junkai Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd

Founded in 2007

Collection of scientific research, manufacture, development, engineering is a comprehensive high-tech companies

The registered capital of 5 million, has two factories in Shanghai

11.gifThe main technical development cooperation institution

The university of new south wales, Australia

East China university of science and technology

Chinese academy of sciences CAS

East China normal university ECNU

East China university of science and Technology ECUST

Fudan university

Always improvement, always better

1. Professional customized, to meet specific requirements

2. Mass production to save cost

3. The imported raw materials 

Automatic production line 

To meet the highest  precision of purification

4. 10 Years of technology experience, more than 80% of the senior skilled worker

5. Specification and efficient factory management To ensure 100% pass rate for finished product

6. we reply  within 24 hours About after-sales problem 

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